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October 13 2017

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Buy sex toys online:

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October 04 2017

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One minute I’m craveing cock in my mouth and the next a sweet wet pussy

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Ok this is just a very creative and HOT idea! -S

September 28 2017

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Do you have a Daddy Date tonight, sissy?

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This is my perfect world. I dream of a world in which beta males are feminized all around the globe. Organizations will be set up to seek out and feminize betas. Brothels are opened up exclusively for Alpha males to rape sissy faggots and feminized betas. The betas enjoy their role and understand that they were born to be subservient to Alphas. They happily take on their role as the effete feminized limp-wrist faggot bitches that they are and never resist. That is what a perfect world would be like. 

Updates from the global effort to forcibly feminize up to 40 percent of the world’s beta male population, in the name of social harmony. Young impotent males are of no use to society and only cause problems when they try to pretend to be real men. Our goal is to locate, tame and transform these undesirables confused about their sexuality into confident, desirable, feminized fucktoys who understand their role as sex slaves for real men. Join us in our cause to entice and feminize beta males to serve their true role

Hitting it out of the park today !!!!

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I’ve been waiting for this collar and restraints for a month. I am so so so happy they finally came in 💖😈💦

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Lucky slave.

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